10 out of 10

Cervezas Alhambra, Radio 3 and their listeners. A three-way dialogue with live music bringing them all together.

10 cities, 10 radio programmes and 10 concerts at 10pm. A branded content strategy aimed at broadening the conversation with the consumer tuning into the same frequency, Radio 3, to generate a pioneering brand in the sector.

Branded content in the morning.

Radio 3’s ‘Hoy empieza todo’, has been the go-to programme for independent sounds for ten years. We celebrate this anniversary with live programming from brand sales points which are opening to the public for the first time for a radio broadcast.

Branded content at night.

Alhambra Moments 10 out of 10 with live performances in 10 cities on the tour. The perfect ending to a day where the brand and consumers have shared a unique Alhambra moment.