Andalusian DNA

"A very healthy habit with Andalusian DNA.". Reclaiming Andalusia as a creator of a unique character can only be done by an original trademark like Puleva, an icon of the sector that is now 60 years old.

And in order to reconnect with its Andalusian target, we created a space to celebrate Andalusia’s Regional Day and invited people to demonstrate that the Andalusian DNA is full of solidarity, with a social marketing campaign in collaboration with the Food Bank.

Social commitment

As such we managed to get 2,638 tweets sent, with each one of them equivalent to a litre of milk donated by Puleva to the Food Bank. In total: 2,638 litres of Puleva A+D milk donated which was a national trending topic thanks to the direct donations in an interactive space designed to share the charitable Andalusian nature of Puleva and its consumers.


More than 340,000 views on Facebook and 300 shares.