Changing stories

More than 60 years helping millions of refugees in the world is a story worth telling.

That is why the Spanish Committee of UNHCR, the UN Agency for Refugees, launched its first national campaign in 2017 to be known as a brand, spread its work as an NGO and build loyalty among its partners, to attract more new donors.

Spot ad

"We can’t change history.But we can change stories"

A claim that reflects the essence of the brand’s work: people. And telling the story of one of them, finding common ground with which to reach the audience, is the centre of the strategy and creativity of this corporate campaign.

Press kit

HALA. Acnur changed her story

Hala was the inspiration for the figure heading up the campaign. But her real-life story helped us to get the press on board, from an emotional and information- based standpoint, the real work of the Spanish Committee of UNHCR. A press kit that tells the story of ACNUR from its creation and relives the story of Hala in her own words.